The Importance of Oil

March 11 2014

Oil isn’t all the same:

For example, you’d be pretty perturbed if you were offered vegetable oil for dipping your bread in and the requirements of your car are equally as specific.

Although modern engines still use oil to overcome the physics of friction the demands on your vehicle’s oil are greater than ever before.

Here’s some clarification:

  • The correct grade of oil is specified in the vehicles handbook and must be adhered to. Some oils are very expensive and so caution is advised if you see a service advertised at a very low price – it is unlikely the correct grade and type of oil is being used. We will always use the correct type and grade of oil for your car.
  • Most manufacturers require a specific grade of oil for their engines. Oil is one of the key factors in engine failures – make sure you don’t become one of those statistics!
  • Diesel engines need different oil to petrol engines; often described as ‘Low ash’ this helps avoid expensive blockages to your DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) which often result in a replacement DPF or worse.
  • If you find your vehicle is severely low on oil (below the minimum level) then remember any oil of the right grade is better than none at all. Use the best available at the time and then book straight in to have the problem assessed.

For a quick guide on checking your oil levels why not watch our handy tips video:


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