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Diesel Particulate Filters – Great idea or expensive problem?

Diesel Particulate Filters (more commonly known as DPF’s) are widely used on modern day diesel vehicles. They target the sooty particles that diesel engines produce. These can penetrate deep into the lungs and are seen as being responsible for an increase in heart and lung problems. With the introduction of Euro 6 Emissions Standards in... read more

Top 5 Facts – Air Conditioning and Climate Control.

With summer on the horizon and the mercury slowly rising, some of you may be brushing the dust off the A/C button for the first time this season. Climate control and A/C systems, when properly maintained are a breath of fresh air for an otherwise flustered motorist. But did you know that by giving the... read more

Wheel Alignment – Keeping you on the straight and narrow

With the condition of our roads getting increasingly worse and the number of pot holes making some roads look like there has been artillery practice taking place on them it’s no wonder the number of cars needing wheel alignment (or tracking as it is often called) is on the rise. But what is wheel alignment?... read more

The Importance of Oil

Oil isn’t all the same: For example, you’d be pretty perturbed if you were offered vegetable oil for dipping your bread in and the requirements of your car are equally as specific. Although modern engines still use oil to overcome the physics of friction the demands on your vehicle’s oil are greater than ever before.... read more

Do you own an ’11 plate car?

If so it is fast approaching its 3rd birthday and this means it will be soon due its 1st MOT. The law requires that anyone who keeps a car on the road must have it in a roadworthy condition at all times. The MOT test is a check to make sure that you are meeting... read more

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